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Frigate Bay is an extremely lively destination that is popular with people all over the world, but particularly those looking for a fun, beach holiday in an exotic location. St Kitts touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean and is fairly easy to navigate. Frigate Bay itself is located close to the island’s best nightlife and shopping opportunities.

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The main attraction to Frigate Bay (and this part of the world in general) is the wonderful temperatures and the glorious sandy beaches. North Frigate Bay features the best views and the best quality sand but South Frigate Bay is more lively, with a number of beach bars. Both sides of the bay are great for swimming but we would recommend it only when there are no cruise ships around. As well as the aforementioned great nightlife and shopping experiences, there are also many other fun activities to get stuck into including water sports and ATV tours around the island.

The accommodation in Frigate Bay is quite varied and has something to suit all types of traveller. There are some bigger hotels to choose from as well as medium-sized and smaller options. There are also some great B&Bs to provide more of a homely experience to your trip to St Kitts. When dining out you will get plenty of opportunities to sample some delicious local food as well as the chance to have international favourites, especially anywhere in and around the beaches.

The holiday season in St Kitts lasts from around November until April although the temperatures are warm and delightful all year round. This is the busy holiday season on the island due to people looking to escape the cold of the winter in other parts of the world. Frigate Bay is extremely accessible from St Kitts’s main airport, being just a 10-minute journey away.

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