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Situated in Christ Church Parish, St Lawrence Gap is the nightlife centre of Barbados. It is one of the many lively resorts to the south of the island and the Gap itself has a whole host of shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to choose from. The resort has its own beach area that is ideal for swimming and if you fancy a change of scenery, there are plenty of other resorts just a stone-throw away from this place.

Affordable Holidays to St Lawrence Gap

Affordable holidays to St Lawrence Gap are already very popular with travellers from the UK and the region can be reached from a select few airports here. St Lawrence Gap is located around a 20-minute drive from Barbados’ main airport. Make sure you check the Cheekytrip comparison site for more great deals to exciting and lively resorts like this one. Direct flights to Barbados usually take around 9 hours and direct flights are usually readily available, especially from London airports.

Because of its year round popularity and level of activity, there really isn’t a bad time to visit St Lawrence Gap. The busiest months with the most tourist facilities and parties are the winter months, with temperatures reaching the high 20s and people looking to escape the cold winters of the UK. May to June is a better time to go if you want to visit when the crowds have died down a little, although visitor levels only dip slightly. The sheer amount of facilities in and around St Lawrence Gap means that there isn’t really a bad time to go!

There is so much to do in St Lawrence Gap that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Aside from the bars, clubs and restaurants in the evening, the majority of visitors to this place spend most of their time at the beach. Due to slightly windier conditions than the west coast, there are some prime spots for both surfing and windsurfing. Away from the beach, there are still many things to do and see, including a visit to Tyrol Cot Heritage Village which is now a craft village where you can watch expert artisans in their workshops. It isn’t just adults having all the fun in this resort either; a trip on the Atlantis III submarine is a big hit with kids.

St Lawrence Gap has a wide range of excellent accommodation options to choose from to suit any preferences and budgets. There are some standard all inclusive hotels down by the sea, more luxury complexes with the finest facilities and amenities, self-catered apartments and quiet, family-run B&Bs. The dining out scene is similarly impressive, with everything from fine-dining venues for an evening meal to cheap fast food restaurants for grabbing something quick (especially after a night out!).

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