Holidays to El Toro

El Toro means “The Bull” in Castilian Spanish and the town is part of the municipality of Calvia. It is located to the southwest of the beautiful island of Majorca and is an extremely charming place to visit. This particular part of the island is quite hilly and most of the residents (as well as the accommodation options) reside in the foothills of El Toro.

Although El Toro does attract quite a wide variety of holidaymakers, the vast majority are made up of families and couples looking for a quiet escape in the warm sunshine. It has some wonderful beaches to choose from including Racó de sa Fragata which is the largest in the area. The beach is very calm and peaceful and has golden sands to relax or play on. The beach is also accessible with its free parking spaces and public transport access. Situated just 4km from the centre of the town is Western Water Park. Here you will find a number of rides for each age group and it is the perfect way to spend a full, exciting family day out.

Hotels, apartments and villas in the region are all reasonably priced and cater to a wide variety of budgets. Since El Toro is quite a small town, you can also expect many of the accommodation options to be on the smaller, more budget-friendly side as opposed to some of the larger hotels on other parts of the island. El Toro also offers a fantastic opportunity to try some authentic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. If you are not a fan of this, there are also international and Japanese options in the area.

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The holiday season in El Toro runs throughout the summer months from April to October. The region enjoys the famous Mediterranean climate all-year-round and in the summer months, the temperatures regularly reach the high 20s and even low 30s. Several low cost airlines fly to Palma Majorca from regional airports and once you arrive, El Toro is situated about a half hour coach/car journey away.

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