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Ibiza certainly has a reputation for blaring music and a crazy nightlife and some of this can certainly be found in Ibiza Town, which is the capital of the island. Some of the most famous clubs on the island are situated in and around the capital including Pacha, Amnesia and Space. Despite its club scene, the majority of Ibiza Town is actually a very peaceful, picturesque town known for its history, food and art. Add on the fact that it has some luscious sandy beaches to relax on, it becomes very easy to see why this place attracts everyone from young party animals to families looking for a getaway in the sun.

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Low-cost airlines fly to Ibiza Town from most regional airports. Check the Cheekytrip comparison site to see the timetable from your local airport. Flight duration is less than 3 hours meaning you can get an early flight and be soaking up the sun by lunch, or choose a slightly later flight and enjoy a chilled evening in the capital. The holiday season lasts from Spring until Autumn with temperatures frequently reaching the low 30s throughout these months. Prices are lower outside of these months and Autumn to Spring is probably the best time to visit if you are treating your holiday a bit like a city break and are keen to explore the local area. This is due to the cooler temperatures during this period.

Holidays to Ibiza Town have been popular for a long time and continue to be so. This is of course due to the nightlife which is one of the best in the world. The capital manages to strike a perfect balance between having world-class bars and clubs but not so many that the area becomes a bit tacky and rundown. Its abundance of long, sandy beaches that face out onto the Mediterranean Sea make it popular with those who enjoy sunbathing or those who want to take part in the water sports of the region. The historical sites in Ibiza Town are attractive to many tourists too, including the hilltop citadel that has been ruled by Phoenicians, Romans and Moors to name just a few.

No matter how you choose to spend your days in Ibiza Town, you can be assured that you will find some incredible accommodation choices to ensure that your nights are just as good as your days. The capital offers a range of options from self-catered villas to swanky all inclusive hotels. Due to its popularity with tourists from all over the world, the cuisine in the town has also evolved to match. Everything from traditional Spanish tapas to spicy Indian food to the local catches of seafood on a barbecue can be found in the area and there are some mouthwatering choices, no matter the complexion of your tastebuds. 

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