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Compare Ferries is an exciting new company, comparing the offers of leading ferry companies’ routes across the European oceans, so you can find the cheapest tickets available. Whether you’re travelling from the UK to Ireland or Italy to Spain, with the wide array of trips on offer, the right ferry should be there to meet your needs.  Popular journeys departing from the UK include Liverpool to Dublin in the north and Dover to Calais in the South. Along with ferries, you can also compare prices on other forms of transport, the obvious one being the Eurostar from Folkestone to Calais, ensuring that whatever your trip will entail, you can make sure to get the cheapest rates on your means of transport with

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The Dover to Calais ferry is the most popular route available in the UK, and with good reason. With a travel time of only 1 hour and 30 mins, and a frequency of 23 sailings a day, if you live in southern England, it is arguably the most efficient way to get to France and essential if you are taking a car with you. The trip from Liverpool to Dublin is a great way to travel between the Irish Sea, particularly if you are on a budget and in search of last minute arrangements.  Since the route began operating, it has been adopted as a means of travel for the loyal Irish fan base of Liverpool Football Club attending games at Anfield. In the north east of England, the North Shields to Amsterdam ferry, departing once a day, has for those with fears of flying become a great alternative to travel the Dutch capital. Boasting a nightclub, casino and live music, the DFDS ferry is now somewhat of a staple for those looking for fun and lively trip to the great city.

Whatever kind of journey you need to get across the seas, Compare Ferries can help you get the best deals. Just simply use their quick and easy search, using the Outward and Return Route boxes to navigate your route and selecting your dates and passenger details along the way.

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