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Despite what most people say, lads holidays can look a number of different ways depending on budgets and the particular tastes of everyone going away. To help you decide on where to book your next lads holiday, we have combined the very best of cheaper vs more expensive, boozy vs more cultural, city break vs a sunshine getaway. Some of our favourite destinations that cover all of these are found below!


Perhaps one of the best and most underrated lads holiday destination is Amsterdam. Just a stone-throw away from the UK and accessible by tunnel, air or ferry, it is a fantastic place for a weekend away with mates. There are the obvious coffee shops, Red Light District and plenty of bars and clubs. However, there is also much more to this place including amazing restaurants, canal tours and even chocolate museums which can help to nurse any hangovers.


If you are a fan of partying and want to blow off some cobwebs during a long weekend away with your mates, then we’re sure that Ibiza needs very little introduction. Sunshine, beaches, bars and late night parties are on the menu here as well as cuisine from all over the world. Be sure to try and time your trip for the summer months where there are world-class DJs regularly hosting unforgettable events.


For something on the cheaper side of things but with plenty of time to chill, swim, eat and drink to your heart’s content is Majorca. The island has a number of towns to choose from ranging from more party-centric to the more quiet and cultural, depending on your party’s specific tastes. Either way, the cost of living is much less than the UK or anywhere else on this list, so it might be wise to target if your budget is a little more stretched.

Las Vegas

What many consider to be the ultimate lads holiday is a long-weekend trip to Vegas. Whether it is dirt-biking through the desert, going to a fancy invite-only party or spending time at one of the many famous casinos, Las Vegas pretty much has it all. However, it isn’t just The Strip that you are consigned to every day of your holiday. Las Vegas also has amazing sights like the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West Rim.


For many, a visit to the famous Oktoberfest in Germany is a bucket-list dream and it certainly is one of our favourite recommendations for a lads holiday away. Even if you don’t manage to visit during the famous festival, great beer, food, restaurants, bars and sightseeing are available in Munich all year round.

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