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Where to Holiday in 2019

2019 Holiday Deals
DestinationPrices FromAll Inclusive
Balearic Islands, Spain£97£139
Canary Islands, Spain£96£157
Florida£401 -

Holidays for 2019

Although it feels like it’s only just turned 2018, we are now well into the year and the time for booking a holiday for the summer is starting to slip away. In fact, many holiday destinations across Europe are beginning to become fully booked, so be sure to act fast if you haven’t already got your week or two in the sun sorted out. But fear not, holiday providers and airlines ahve released holiday deals for 2019. Let’s face it, the passage of time feels like its encroaching upon us greater every day, and before you know it the summer of 2019 will be here. There are many great reasons to book a holiday for anytime, but particularly for 2019. Here’s why:

Take your pick

Whilst people ponder over their plans for the upcoming summer holidays of 2019, those organised and forward thinking can be seeking out the top deals for next year.  Newly released deals are a great time to pursue the best-value holiday resorts across Europe, where availability for the most sought-after accommodation is still in abundance! The earlier you search, the better the chance of finding deals to fly from your preferred airport too, which is always an added bonus that can save travelling time and expenses. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

Low deposits

The earlier you book, the more likely you’ll be able to find a great holiday and be able to put down a low deposit on it. This way, you can guarantee your place in the sun, and pay the rest of the fees off at a later date. You therefore give yourself more financial flexibility and eradicate any potential future stress of last minute desperation, where you can spend hours and days scowling the internet with for a holiday with a lack of results. It seems a no brainer to book early and take advantage of low deposit offers really!

Child places

Family holidays can be pricey, especially when you book late. If you are planning on going on a holiday with the kids, the earlier you do it, the better the chance you stand of grabbing a free child place. Many hotels and flight providers offer free child places, usually one per booking, but there is usually a limit and often on a first come first served policy. Child places bonuses may differ for different agents, but usual extras can include free flights, luggage and transfer, a room in the hotel and food & drink, which could potentially save you a fortune!

The best destinations for 2019

It doesn’t matter what the time of year is, there is always a holiday destination where the climate is right!


Spring is an ideal time to head off on a city break across Europe, and there is more than the fair share to choose from. Amsterdam is a lovely destination in spring, as the tulips start to blossom and the temperature is just right to sit by the canals and watch the world go by. If you want something a bit beachier however, there are plenty of options. The Canary Islands are great all year round, but the springtime could be the greatest. If you’re into cycling and hiking, the mountainous landscapes of the different islands can be a perfect setting and climate, and with only a six and half hour flight time from the UK, they may be your best bet for great sun. Tenerife is especially pleasant at this time of year.


Inevitably, the summer is the most popular time to jet off, and Mediterranean destinations are always the go-to places to visit (and with good reason). Mainland Spain and its surrounding Balearic Islands are the number one seller with brits, and believe us, they sell fast! If you’re thinking of heading there, now is a good time to look at deals before prices to the likes of Ibiza, Majorca and the Costa Brava undoubtedly rise. Greece is also a hugely popular destination, with islands Zante, Corfu, Crete and Santorini all offering their unique characteristics, causing tourists to flock over in numbers. Santorini in particular has become one of the most sought after holiday destinations, with its cinematic setting overlooking the med, its iconic whitewashed houses, historical sites and world class wines (see here for more info on the island).


The Canary Islands are particularly charming at this time of year, with temperatures averaging in the mid to high 20’s, and the sun shining around 9 hours a day. Cyprus is another good bet at autumn, as it’s one of the southernmost Mediterranean holiday destinations, and is guaranteed to have the sun shining throughout your stay with warm seas and beautiful walks through the hilly Cyprian landscapes. Malta is another great holiday option in the autumn too, as its far enough South to noticeably feel the effects of the equator, and with a relatively short flight from the UK and offering an abundance of luxury resorts across the island, it’s a great option to escape to.


Winter can be a tough time of year in the UK, where the weather can be so bleak you feel you’ll never see sunlight again. Don’t worry; there are plenty of holiday destinations with warmth and sunlight within a few short hours, and when we say we warmth, we mean it! Cape Verde is a destination that’s popularity continues to grow each year, and its winter warmth is one of its main attractions, with temperatures still averaging around 23°C in its coldest month. City breaks to the likes of Prague, Berlin and Krakow are extremely popular at winter time too, as the European festive celebrations begin to take shape.