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Varadero holidays take you to Cuba’s premier beach resort sixty miles from Havana. A twelve mile narrow peninsula provides superb sun-bleached beaches, all in pristine condition. Lapped by warm and shallow Caribbean waters, it is a beach lover’s paradise and the perfect spot for a relaxing break. The more active visitor will be delighted by its comprehensive range of water sports. Another feature of the resort is its eighteen hole golf course, the only one of its kind on the island. If you want a change from the beach, attractions include Ambrosia’s Cave where you can see ancient cave art as you swim through interconnecting chambers. The salt mines and the ruined Calavera Salt works make an interesting excursion. A visit to Cuba would be incomplete without a trip to the capital, Havana. This unique city and World Heritage Site, is like no other. Owing to the US embargo, you feel you have entered a time warp with 1950’s cadillacs cruising the streets. The squares of the old town contain a variety of baroque architectural gems, perfect for a day of sightseeing. Varadero holiday bargains can be as peaceful or as active as you  wish as there is so much to see and do. If you wish to explore the surrounding area, car hire is recommended.

Low Cost Varadero holidays.

Varadero’s tourist accommodation offers high levels of comfort and great service. Be sure to check the tariffs of the all-inclusive packages as they may be much cheaper than you’d imagine. They can make good economic sense, particularly when travelling with families. Frequent requests for refreshments can reach considerable proportions and it is easy to go over budget. The town has a good number of restaurants serving a varied cuisine that caters for most tastes. You’ll find everything from international dishes to traditional fare, with one exception. There are no American fast food outlets. When it comes to nightlife, all tastes are satisfied as there are venues to suit all moods. There are plenty of lively bars and clubs where you can party through the night, and just as many places where you can enjoy a romantic evening for two or spend a relaxed evening with family and friends. Provision of shops in the town is good and there is also an outdoor market, ideal for souvenir hunting.

Although a low cost Varadero holidays can be taken at any time of year, there are a couple of provisos. As a subtropical paradise, it does have a rainy season in summer and autumn as well as a  hurricane season lying between August and October. November to April are the dry months and are therefore classed as high season with tariffs to match. Rainfall involves short, but heavy showers on a daily basis and humidity is high. It is during this period that you’ll find the greatest bargains. Varadero has the second largest airport in Cuba and transfers to the resort take forty minutes.

Involving as it does a long haul flight, if you are looking for winter sun, there are cheaper options closer to home. If, however the allure of Cuba is strong and your heart is set on a Varadero holiday, we can find you a good deal with the minimum of effort. No long searches comparing the benefits of one deal with another. As a price comparison site with access to offers from almost forty travel companies, including some of the market leaders, Cheeky Trip can, with one quick search, find you the Varadero holiday that costs the least. Just enter your dates, your point of departure and your destination and almost immediately, we’ll show you the holiday that offers the best value. Please note that offers change daily so if you wish to avoid disappointment, make that call and secure your booking without delay.

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