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Last updated : January 22nd, 2018 8:43 AM

Sunny Beach holidays take you to Bulgaria's largest resort on the Black Sea coast. Lying between Bourgas and Varna, it is a purpose-built comples that stretches for seven kilometres along its sandy shoreline. The resort is completely self-contained and possesses all you need for a thoroughly enjoyable seaside break. It has so much to offer that its appeal is wide. The beach, with its soft sand and safe shallow waters is of course the main attraction for those with young children. A variety of water sports are available including rides on banana boats, water skiing, jet skiing, and wind surfing. Those who prefer activities on terra firma can choose from cycling and horse riding, golfing and tennis. There is also a fairground for children. If you are seeking relaxation where the sun is guaranteed to shine, the beach is sandy and the waters are pleasantly warm, a cheap Sunny Beach holiday would certainly foot the bill.

Sunny Beach holidays.

Sandy Beach could never be called an attractive resort as much of the accommodation is high rise and rather utilitarian. However, the modern hotels and apartments reach high standards and have all modern amenities. Service is very good. Take a look at the discounted all-inclusive option as it may be cheaper than you think. Travelling with children clamouring for snacks, drinks and ice creams at various times through the day, can not only be tiresome but can lead to over spending. With all-inclusive, it is easy to stay within budget. When it comes to eating, Sunny Beach has restaurants, bars, cafes and fast food establishments that cater for all tastes and pockets. Local wines are tasty and inexpensive. The resort has a good number of shops which more than adequately supply your holiday needs. In addition there are small roadside markets usually selling locally produced goods, ideal as mementos or gifts. Nightlife is fairly lively with music bars and discos.

Low cost Sunny Beach holidays can be taken from early spring to late autumn. Temperatures rise to thirty in the height of the season. Several low cost airlines fly direct to Bourgas from regional airports. You can check on the Cheeky Trip website to see if there is a service from your own local airport. Tranfer times to the resort is a little less than an hour.

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