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Last updated : February 24th, 2018 8:44 AM

Pula holidays take you to the Istrian region of Croatia, to the Verudela peninsula. It is a beautiful area with almost two hundred kilometres of coastline framed by verdant forests. Sandy beaches are in the minority as most are rocks, pebbles or shingle. You'll find the best beach, Stoja, is fairly close to Pula and other sandy beaches are Medulin and Debeljak. Low cost Pula holidays are popular with couples of all ages. It is the ideal destination for those who wish for a combination of relaxation and cultural sightseeing. Pula has had a long and turbulant history, evidence of which is seen in the Roman remains and the different styles of buildings in the old  town. You'll see some wonderful examples of Venetian architecture. The Roman amphitheatre dates from the first century and is well preserved. During the summer season concerts are staged there. The area is ideal for hikers as there are many scenic routes through the National Park.

Low cost Pula holidays.

Pula has accommodation to suit most budgets. Its variety includes everything from self-catering to all-inclusive hotels and apartments. Standards are high and service is excellent. Be sure to check out the all-inclusive option as it is often cheaper than you think. It can make economic sense if you are travelling with ever hungry and thirsty children as constant snacking can be expensive. The many restaurants serve a broad menu that includes both traditional and international cuisine. Local foods illustrate the peninsula's history as its dishes show influences from Italy, Central Europe and Slav regions. Seafood is a speciality and is delicious. Pasta dishes are common with gnocchi being a firm favourite. Local wines are very good and also inexpensive. Most of the hotels are on the Verudela peninsula and it is here you'll find the tourist restaurants and the local nightspots. Nightlife can be as lively or as relaxed as you wish as there are venues to suit most moods. There are sufficient shops to meet all your needs.

Low cost Pula holidays can be taken from early April until late October. Temperatures rise from twenty into the low thirties in the height of the season. Several low cost airlines fly direct to Pula  from regional airports. You can check on the Cheeky Trip website to see if there is a service from your own local airport. Transfers to the resort takes twenty to thirty minutes.

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