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Last updated : January 21st, 2018 8:42 AM
Parga Lefkas

Parga Lefkas is barely an island, connected as it is by a short causeway to the west coast of mainland Greece. It is a lovely island with pine clad mountains, soft sandy beaches and charming towns and villages. The beaches on the east are ideal for families as the soft sand slopes gently into warm, clear water, perfect for less confident swimmers. There is a beautiful beach at Porto Katsiki but it is not for the faint-hearted as you need to negotiate three hundred and forty seven steps down the cliff side. Vasiliki is a great resort for wind surfing as are many of the beaches in the south where thermal currents produce windy conditions. Cheap Parga Lefkas holidays are not all about the beaches. This verdant isle offers great hill walking surrounded by stunning scenery. Visit traditional villages, interesting archaeological sites and of course the principal town Lefkada.


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Low cost airlines fly to Parga Lefkas from many regional airports. Use Cheeky Trip web site to find if there are flights to the island from your own local airport. Take an early plane and in a little over three hours you can be basking in hot sunshine enjoying a mezze lunch overlooking the brilliant blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Lefkas holiday season lasts from the beginning of May until October with average temperatures in the high twenties in the height of summer. Low cost Lefkas holiday accommodation reaches high standards and you are assured of a warm and friendly service. Don't dismiss the all-inclusive option out of hand as you may be surprised at their good value, particularly when travelling with children. A great variety of eateries, from restaurants to tavernas, and from pub to fast food outlets, cater for all tastes. Do try traditional Greek fare which is both delicious and very reasonably priced. Although Lefkas is not known as a party island, there are venues to satisfy young singles looking for lively evenings as well as many family friendly establishments and romantic hideaways for couples. At resorts around the island there are plenty of opportunities for gift and souvenir shopping but for the best retail experience, take a trip to Lefkada.


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