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Neopolitan Riviera

If you are looking for a little more than  the usual sunny holiday by the sea, why not consider a stylish break on the Mediterranean coast of south-west Italy, in the  region of Campania. Lying between the Apennine Mountains and the sea, Campania is home to the third largest city in Italy, Naples. Naples is a vibrant city with over three thousand years of history. Colourful dwellings lie higgledy-piggledy around the bay or on top of towering cliffs looking out onto small islands. The old town has examples of architecture from medieval times through baroque and renaissance periods. Those with an interest in history will enjoy exploring the many churches, palaces and museums. As there is so much to see, a guided tour is recommended.

Cheap Neapolitan Riviera holidays.

The Neapolitan Riviera is a very popular destination and it is easy to fall prey to its attraction. Take a trip to Mount Vesuvius and of course the ruins of Pompeii, to appreciate the appalling devastation of the AD79 volcanic eruption. Take a boat trip across the bay to the islands, including fashionable Capri, or take a train to the Amalfi coast, a truly stunning area.

Cheap Neapolitan Riviera holidays can be taken from spring until late autumn. Temperatures reach in excess of thirty degrees at the height of the season. In spring and autumn the mercury hovers around a very pleasant twenty degrees. Several low cost airlines fly to Naples from regional airports. You can check on Cheeky Trip to see if there is a service from your own local airport.

Italy is famous for its warm hospitality and this is particularly so in the south of the country. Whether you choose a hotel or apartment, you'll find comfortable accommodation offering all modern conveniences with tariffs to suit most budgets. Italian food is popular the world over and the many restaurants offer a wide choice of cuisine. If funds are short, you can always dine cheaply on very tasty pizza or pasta. Local wines are as pleasing to the pocket as they are to the palate. When it comes to nightlife it can be as romantic or as raucous as you wish depending on your chosen resort. Those who enjoy a little holiday retail therapy will find plenty of opportunities for indulging in gift and souvenir buying.

Cheeky Trip is a price comparison site with access to the best Neapolitan Riviera holiday deals from more than three dozen travel companies, including some of the market leaders. With such strong competition, you are sure to get good value for money. No need to spend hours trawling through websites as all it takes is one quick search. Simply enter your point of departure, your dates and your destination and within a matter of seconds, we'll show you the Neapolitan Riviera holiday that costs the least. Since offers change on a daily basis, to avoid disappointment, ring and book today.

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