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Last updated : January 22nd, 2018 8:43 AM

Morro Jable has expanded from a tiny fishing village into a pleasantly relaxed resort on the southern coast of Fuertoventura. With soft white sands and clear waters, ideal for paddling close to the shore, the resort is very popular with families. The relaxed atmosphere appeals to adults of all ages and golfers are  attracted by the local golf course. All in all, Morro Jable holidays have wide appeal. They can be as relaxed or as active as you wish as there is a good choice of recreational activities including many water sports. Fuertoventura has a rugged landscape and inland there are many charming traditional villages displaying a life that is very different from the coastal resorts. To appreciate this, and to make the most of your stay, car hire is recommended.

Morro Jable Holidays.

Morro Jable accommodation, in common with the rest of the island, offers all modern comforts and amenities and has tariffs to suit most budgets. When deciding on board basis, remember to check the cost of the all-inclusive option as, when discounted, they may be a lot cheaper than you think. They can make good economic sense, especially when travelling with children. A plentiful supply of restaurants, bars and cafes provide a wide choice of menu and cater for all tastes.  If you are new to the flavours of the island, a good introduction is to order tapas. You'll receive several small portions of traditional fare, ideal for experiencing new tastes. Wines are both pleasant and inexpensive. As expected in this family friendly resort, whilst there are a number of lively bars, nightlife remains a relaxed affair. Morro Jable has a more than adequate number of shops and there is also a weekly market.

Morro Jable holidays can be taken at any time of year as the winters are mild and the summers are hot. The island rarely sees extremes of temperature. The annual average is twenty degrees. You can check on the Cheeky Trip web site to see if there is a direct service from your own local airport to Fuertoventura. Transfers to the resort take less than an hour.

Whatever the purchase, we all like a bargain and this is particularly so when choosing a holiday. Bargains can however be rather elusive and sifting the grain from the chaff can be more than a little tricky, as well as time-consuming. With so many appealing offers, it can be difficult to compare like with like. If you want to save time as well as money, we can help. As a price comparison site, Cheeky Trip has access to offers from almost forty travel companies, all of whom are vieing for your booking. This can only be good news for the consumer as they are sure to get good value. All it takes is one quick and easy search. Simply enter your dates, destination and point of departure and within a matter of minutes, we'll show you the Morro Jable holiday that is the cheapest. All you then need then do is ring the number and book. Since offers change daily, to avoid disappointment, make that call without delay.

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