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Madeira, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, is a Portuguese island which lies six hundred miles south of its mother country. The archipelago to which it belongs may be volcanic in origin but there is nothing arid or barren about Madeira. The island rises steeply out of the ocean with towns and villages clinging to terraces cut into the land. Madeira is noted for its abundant subtropical flora and is a remarkable sight, particularly in spring and summer when the vegetation, the parks and gardens are all in full bloom. The towns and villages of Madeira are kept in pristine condition with a noticeable lack of unsightly litter. A real pride is taken in the beauty of the island.


Cheap Madeira holidays can be enjoyed at any time of year as even in winter the weather is mild. The island attracts visitors of all ages and caters for diverse interests. The one thing that Madeira lacks is sandy beaches. Its dramatic coastline doesn't lend itself to the usual seaside pursuits for those with young children. There are pebbly beaches and a couple of the manmade variety, but if it's swathes of soft, sugary sand that you're after, you'd better look elsewhere. Madeira holidays satisfy those seeking total relaxation as readily as those who enjoy a more active break. The pace of life here is slow so for those who just want to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery, and wander the streets and promenades doing a spot of sightseeing here and there, a cheap Madeira holiday is the perfect choice. It is also an ideal destination for those who enjoy hiking as the drainage channels, the levadas, give wonderful walking trails into remote and otherwise unapproachable terrain. Those who enjoy water sports will find wide provision. Surfing, skiing and boarding are all popular pursuits and the clear waters with abundant marine life attract divers as well as fishermen looking for the likes of blue marlin and other large species.


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With budget airlines flying to Funchal from many local airports travel costs are lower and more convenient. Hotels and apartments provide high standards of accommodation and service is very good. Be sure to check the all-inclusive tariff as it may be cheaper than you imagine. If you are travelling with children it can offer great value for money and it also makes the holiday easier to stay within budget. Restaurants abound and cater for even the most conservative palate. Madeira is not an island with an exuberant night life. Indeed, even the capital only comes to life at the weekends.


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