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Last updated : February 24th, 2018 8:44 AM

Lesvos holidays take you to a wonderfully verdant island that lies very close to Turkey in the north east of the Aegean Sea. Scenically beautiful with two rugged mountain peaks and hills clad with millions of olive trees; traditional villages where life appears to have changed little over the decades; interesting archaeological remains and historic buildings; are all good reasons to book a Lesvos holiday. In addition, the guarantee of hot summer sun, great beaches and warm clear waters give the island wide appeal.


Low cost airlines now operate from many regional airports. To see if there are flights to Lesvos from your local airport use the Cheeky Trip price comparison site. The season lasts from April until October with average temperatures rising into the thirties at the height of summer. If you enjoy a more temperate climate, or you wish to explore the island on foot or bicycle, chose an early or late season break when both the temperature and the prices are lower.


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There is plenty to see and do on Lesbos. Those with an interest in its history can visit the medieval castles in Molyvos or Mytilini, the remains of the Roman aquaduct or the petrified forest. The volcanic origins of the island have left it with hot springs said to have therapeutic properties for a variety of ailments. If nothing else, they are very relaxing when combined with a massage in the traditional bath houses. The island has a huge diversity of flora and also of bird life. Visit in the spring and enjoyed the plains and meadows carpeted with wild flowers. Lesbos claims to be the sunniest of the Greek islands and since most visitors come to enjoy a relaxing break by the sea, a cheap Lesvos trip may be just the ticket. 


Accommodation, whatever type you choose, will give high levels of comfort and good service. Check out the all-inclusive tariffs, especially if you are travelling with children as you may find they offer great value for money. Restaurants serve a variety of cuisine from traditional to international fare that satisfies most tastes and pockets. Nightlife is generally fairly relaxed although there are lively venues in Mytilini. You'll find the usual shops and markets selling holiday gifts and souvenirs.

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If the thought of trawling through pages of the internet for a bargain Lesvos break is off-putting, use the Cheeky Trip price comparison site. With one quick search, we'll bring you the best offers from over three dozen holiday companies, including some of the market leaders. With such competition, you are assured of a bargain. All you need do is call the company and make your booking. Since offers change daily, if you wish to avoid disappointment make that call today.

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