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Last updated : February 20th, 2018 8:43 AM

Kremasti is the perfect choice for visitors who wish to do little more than relax by the sea knowing that the sky will be cloudless and the mercury high. It is a traditional fishing village, close to the principal town, that remains true to its roots. It has a long shingle beach that stretches for several miles beyond the town and is never crowded. The gentle incline into clear, Mediterranean waters is ideal for children and for weak swimmers. Although water sports are available for the more active  holidaymaker in some parts of the beach, for the most part, there is little to disturb the tranquil air. Water sports include jet skiing and kite boarding. A visit to the island would be incomplete without a trip to Rhodes Town. It is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and within its walls and gates are some well-preserved structures as well as many ancient ruins. The hundreds of meandering narrow streets and lanes are a pleasure to explore as you lose yourself in the past. 

Kremasti holidays.

Kremasti is family friendly resort that offers good accommodation and a warm and friendly service. It is often assumed that the all-inclusive board is an over-priced option. This can be an erroneous assumption, particularly when travelling with families. When you add the cost of snacks, drinks and meals  to other board options, you may find that the all-inclusive basis makes economic sense. Kremasti has restaurants and tavernas  providing a variety of menu. The town is noted for its seafood, always fresh from the catch of the day and simply cooked, it is delicious. Nightlife is as relaxed as the day, befitting the resort's popularity with families and couples. If you want more lively evenings, take a taxi to Rhodes Town. Shops provide all your holiday essentials but if you want a greater choice take the bus to the capital.

Kremasti holidays can be taken from early spring until late autumn with temperatures rising from twenty to thirty and above in the height of the season. Several budget airlines fly direct from regional airports to Rhodes. You can check on the Cheeky Trip website to see if there are flights from your own local airport. Transfers to the resort take roughly twenty minutes.

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