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Last updated : February 24th, 2018 8:44 AM

Hamburg is a major German port which lies on the Elbe on the Jutland Peninsula. It is a city with a long and turbulant history which suffered severe bombardment in WW2. Much of the centre was destroyed and it was several decades before the redevelopment was completed. Hamburg is a very pleasant city with very few high rise buildings. The skyline is marked by the spires of several churches including St. Nicholas, which claimed to be the world's tallest building in the nineteenth century, and St. Michael, St. James and St. Catherine. The city is a great centre for culture with over forty theatres, sixty museums and more than one hundred music venues. Hamburg is also a good destination for a shopping spree. Monckebergstrasse is the main retail area. The city lies at the confluence of the Elbe, the Alster and the Bille, and with the additional streams and canals that cross the town, there are a total of two thousand five hundred bridges. Hamburg is known as a very green city as there are large swathes of parks and gardens. The Planten un Blomen is the most famous of the parks and there are often concerts, theatrical performances and choreographed water shows throughout the year.

Cheap city breaks to Hamburg. 


Cheap Hamburg city breaks have wide popularity as they attract couples of all ages as well as groups of young adults. Although the city is deemed to be fairly expensive, you can always find a cheap alternative that offers great value. Standards remain high and the quality of service is good regardless of the tariff. Restaurants provide a wide range of menu that caters for all tastes and budgets. Evening entertainment satisfies on all levels. Choose from theatre or opera, jazz clubs or classical concerts, bars, pubs and clubs. The liveliest place is the Reeperbahn, the red light district, but be warned, it can be more than a bit raucus.

Low cost Hamburg city breaks are popular from late spring through to early autumn. If you enjoy the build up to Christmas, the festive season is celebrated with several markets around the city. With lights glittering and music playing, it will certainly get you in the mood. Several regional airports have direct flights to Hamburg. You can check on the Cheeky Trip website to see if your own local airport offers this service.

If you are ready for a change of scene but are short of annual leave and funds are low, a cheap Hamburg city break may be just the ticket. Cheeky Trip is a price comparison site and with offers from more than three dozen holiday companies, you are sure to find a deal that provides great value for money. And all it takes is one quick search. Just enter your point of departure, your destination and dates and within a matter of seconds you'll see the best price of the day. All you then need to do to secure your trip is to make a phone call. Since offers change on a daily basis, to avoid disappointment, ring the number and book today.

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