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Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands in the Spanish archipelago that lies in the Atlantic only sixty miles from the coast of north-west Africa. It is a popular island that attracts many visitors throughout the year. Cheap Fuerteventura holidays are particularly sought after by families as it is the island which has by far the best beaches. If it's sand you are after, you'll have it in abundance. Long stretches of soft grains glinting in the sunshine seem to go on for ever. Even in high season it is possible to find a spot of your very own. With the towering dunes you could, if you wished, spend your holiday in splendid isolation. Although volcanic in origin with a rocky landscape, the soil is actually very fertile and the colourful gardens and plantations contrast sharply with the arid hills.


Fuerteventura has a wonderful climate, pleasantly mild in winter and equally pleasant in summer. There are no extremes of temperature so it is a great place to visit for winter sun, particularly as it doesn't involve a long haul flight. Fuerteventura only rains for about a dozen days in the year, so you'd be very unfortunate indeed to experience any prolonged precipitation. With low cost airlines operating from many regional airports, you'll find some great discounted deals on the Cheeky Trip price comparison site.


Cheap Fuerteventura Holidays


Fuerteventura holidays offer a diverse range of accommodation from top of the range all-inclusive hotels and luxury villas to apartments on a room only basis, thus ensuring that they cater for all budgets. Do check out the tariffs for all-inclusive holidays especially if you are travelling with children. Constant snacking can be very expensive and it is easy to go over budget. You may find that this option offers the best value for money and at the very least you'll know at the outset, the total cost of your holiday. The island's restaurants serve a wide variety of food from traditional fare to international cuisine so all tastes and preferences are satisfied. Although Fuerteventura is not known as a party island and much of the evening entertainment is hotel based, there are livelier times to be had in resorts such as Corralejo. Fuerteventura has a range of tourist attractions including a water park, a zoo, National Parks and botanical gardens. Recreational activities include many water sports. The west of the island attracts surfers as the rolling Atlantic waves provide perfect conditions.


If you find a Fuerteventura holiday appealing and you wish to avoid the time-consuming research needed to find the best deal, we can help. As a price comparison site we have access to holiday bargains from over three dozen companies, all of whom are competing for your booking. With such competition, you are sure of a Fuerteventura holiday that offers the best value for money. Simply enter your departure point, your destination and dates into our search engine and, in no time at all, we'll find you the cheapest break. All you have to do is ring the appropriate company. As offers change daily, to avoid disappointment book today.

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