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Last updated : January 22nd, 2018 8:43 AM

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, lies along the east and west banks of the River Danube. There was a settlement there even before the Romans came and left their mark. The town has had a long and often troubled history. Evidence of its conquerors can be seen in the varying styles of architecture. The fortress towns, Buda and Pest lay on either side of Danube. These were united into Budapest in 1873. As part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and with its busy waterway leading to the Black Sea, Budapest was a vibrant trading centre. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, and the return to democracy, Budapest is now high on the list of fascinating cities that offer an ideal destination for a short break.

Bargain city breaks to Budapest.


Wander the streets of Budapest and you'll find a range of architectural styles from Roman remains to art nouveau, from neo-gothic to classical and renaissance. Visit the Roman site in Acquincum in the Buda district. Castle Hill and the embankment ia a Unesco World Heritage Site. You'll find, among others, the beautiful seven hundred year old St. Matthias Church, two further churches and six museums. The parliament building and Buda Castle are other gems waiting to be explored. If you tire of buildings, the city has great parks and gardens. Margaret Island, in the middle of the Danube has a wonderful park with a choreographed musical fountain. Buda Hill is ideal for walkers and affords superb views over the city. Most visitors enjoy a visit to the Turkish Baths. Budapest is famous for its thermal springs that claim to have therapeutic properties. If nothing else, they are very relaxing. The Szechenyl Baths are the largest in the country and have fifteen pools, three of which are outdoors.

Budapest has good transport links with railway and metro, trams and buses, to help you with your sightseeing. Most visitors take a romantic boat trip down the Danube.

Low cost Budapest city breaks are not only for those seeking a little culture. The city offers a great shopping experience both in the old town and the modern city. Hungarian cuisine is a hotch-potch of  culinary influences and its many restaurants cater for all tastes and pockets. The city offers a range of good quality accommodation with tariffs to suit most budgets. When it comes to nightlife, Budapest has venues to satisfy all moods. Whether you are a couple seeking romance or groups on stag or hen weekends, you'll be equally content.

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