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Canaries £178 £154 £118 £124 £124 £166 £204 £183
Caribbean £542 £458 £464 £460 £481 £497 £494 £468
Croatia NA £242 £126 £134 £232 £277 £303 £414
Cyprus £116 £112 £112 £128 £154 £190 £225 £179
Egypt £276 £244 £198 £255 £272 £310 £380 £329
Malta £138 £119 £105 £130 £164 £193 £220 £149
Mexico £485 £347 £495 £478 £444 £581 £563 £453
Morocco £174 £125 £104 £125 £138 £151 £284 £226
Portugal £96 £111 £78 £106 £151 £156 £244 £165
Spain £117 £93 £97 £104 £127 £149 £168 £111
Turkey £113 £110 £99 £123 £152 £175 £215 £181


Back in the day, 4 star holidays were a thing of the elite. A luxurious resort? Terrific location? Bottomless breakfasts? Yeah, you are going to have to work at least a couple of years to be able to afford that. Thankfully, we aren’t living back in the day, and 4-star holidays are now more affordable than they have ever been. Not only that, but there are an abundance of great locations to choose from. Whether you are a beach-bum or a sight-seer, here at Cheeky Trip we’ve got all of the angles covered…


Costa Brava is one of the most popular destinations with British tourists, and that is where we will start. Whilst you can do the sunny Costa Brava on the cheap, there are also a range of hotels and holidays worthy of royalty. Take Hotel Calella Aoa in Barcelona as a great example, from just £112pp, not only do you get to bask in the Catalonian sun, but facilities such as spa, pools and an all-day buffet really put the icing on the cake!


If the 4-star luxury you had in mind isn’t to lounge around in grand hotels, but you prefer to have the luxuries of great sightseeing spots and trendy apartments, then you should probably check out Medulin, Croatia. This increasingly popular holiday destination provides accommodation in the heart of the hottest sightseeing area, as well as being the perfect place to travel business class in style.


These two destinations are just the tip of the iceberg as to what Cheeky Trip has to offer in terms of 4-star holidays. Other destinations include the floating city of Venice, the vibrant North-African city of Marrakech and the quaint city of Nice in France.


For information about each holiday, simply click the links at the side of the page to learn more about the destination, the price, the holiday and a contact number for any other queries you may have. Cheeky Trip makes it incredibly easy to compare and book your 4 star holidays, ensuring you get your well-deserved taste of luxury at a very reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your next getaway!


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